Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Today’s Image: What “artist” do you think made the designs on these birch tree leaves? Conduct an investigation of your own to determine the origins of this unique artwork.


One of the best parts of my Alaskan experience is being immersed into such a different ecosystem. The sand that usually comforts my feet along the NC coast has been replaced by a soft, spongy surface referred to as “duff.” Duff is made up of fluffy decayed organic matter that accumulates along the forest floor. It can be several centimeters thick and is found just above the permafrost. Yep! I touched permafrost, too!! It was really COOL (figuratively AND literally) and was only 17cm below the surface.

INTERACTIVE ACTIVITY: Inquiry Minds Want to Know
(See Today’s Image to locate today’s interactive activity.)

COMING TOMORROW:  Southern Migration







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