Questions from NC… Answers from AK

Questions from NC… Answers from AK

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

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Today’s Image: Record your observations from this image on Ms. Sutton’s Facebook page or add a comment to her blog. (Photo credit: Miriam Sutton)


The Alaskan teachers were pleased with the questions posed by Ms. Sutton’s students and they were more than willing to provide answers. I posted their responses on this Alaska Questions page.

Most of these questions would be classified as Information Questions, which typically begin with “Why, How, or What.” Answers to many Information Questions result from the answers derived from good Research Questions. Research Questions typically begin with “Do, Are, or Is.”

The question: “What is the average temperature in Alaska?” would be an example of an Information Question. Use this question to guide your in today’s Interactive Activity.

INTERACTIVE ACTIVITY: Generating Research Questions
Use the information questions posed earlier to develop a testable research question that could be used to determine the average temperature in one specific region of Alaska. Before you begin, take a look at Today’s Image. This image should help you gain a better understanding of the average temperature range in this part of the world. Email your research question to Ms. Sutton or post it on the Science by the Sea Facebook page.

COMING TOMORROW:  Plant phenology

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