Journey to Antarctica: Neko Harbour and Dorian Bay

Weddell seals lounge motionless along the shore and are often confused for rocky outcrops. (PHOTO CREDIT: Miriam Sutton)


Neko Harbour is named for the whale factory ship “Neko” which was used in processing whales harvested between 1911 and 1924. The harbour provided us with another continental landing on the Southern Continent and 1.5 mile hike along glacier boundaries and penguin rookeries. Weddell seals also lounged quite motionless in the area and were often confused for rocky outcrops. (See Image above.)

After lunch, we headed out in the zodiacs for today’s afternoon landing in Dorian Bay, located on Wiencke Island near Damoy Point. This Point was discovered during the French Antarctic Expedition (1903 – 1905). An Argentinian and British hut are still maintained here for tourism. A hike along the ridge of Damoy Point provided a few views of tomorrow’s landing at Port Lockroy. This ridge was once used as a landing strip by planes transporting supplies to the Port Lockroy station.

Today’s Daily Program Quote:
“I go exploring because I like it, and it is my job.”
— Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton

Today’s Sunlight Data:
Sunrise: 0225
Sunset: 0006

The journey continues here: “Port Lockroy and Dallmann Bay”