Journey to Antarctica: Ushuaia – The Southernmost City in the World

Map of Ushuaia – Tierra del Fuego is the native land of the Yamanas people whose ancestors are thought to have arrived here during the Bering Strait migration during the last Ice Age.


The 4:45AM wake-up call brought the awareness of another flight and more amazing sights ahead. The 4-hour flight brought the Southernmost City in the World into view and a surprise waiting for us at the airport. Two Grosvenor Teacher Fellows had just arrived at the Ushuaia airport after completing their Antarctic Expedition. We talked through the glass and shared our excitement and anticipation for the adventures to come.

After a brief tour of Tierra del Fuego (See Image: Map of Ushuaia), we boarded a catamaran for a luncheon cruise through the Beagle Channel. Terns, albatross, cormorants, and sea lions provided the entertainment while the expedition participants dined and shared their diverse backgrounds with each other.

Twelve hours after our wake-up call, we boarded our home for the next 10 days, the Lindblad Expeditions/National Geographic Explorer Vessel, and set our bearings to exit the protected Beagle Channel and head south into the Drake Passage. The staff provides us with a Daily Program each evening, which provides highlights and schedules for the next day’s adventure. The program begins with a daily quote and a Sunrise and Sunset posting. I’ll be sharing these quotes and sunlight data as our journey to Antarctica begins.

Today’s Daily Program Quote:
“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life.”
— Mary Oliver

Today’s Sunlight Data:
Sunrise: 0451
Sunset: 2211


The journey continues here: “Crossing the Drake Passage”