Chemistry/Properties of Matter Lessons

Art Meets Science in the Deep Blue Sea – This lesson allows students to merge Art with Science as they explore the affects of pressure with increasing ocean depths. Styrofoam cups are made using foam and air in a way that adequate insulation can be provided for hot or cold beverages. The air is forced out of the cups by the increase in pressure when the cups are secured to marine equipment (e.g., CTD) and lowered to depths exceeding 500 meters. It is recommended that this activity be completed during a unit that explores Earth’s ocean; including its unique ecosystems and species found in the deep sea. Art and Science educators may work collaboratively on this activity to insure that appropriate art and science standards are met. (Credits: This lesson was designed by Miriam Sutton, M.A., NBCT during a Teacher at Sea experience aboard the R/V Melville while participating in “Collaborative Research: Investigating the Ecological Importance of Iron Storage in Diatoms” (Award Abstract #1334935) Research Project.)

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